EUROPLACER Gen1 Tape Feeders

USED, Europlacer feeders, earlier style, without fiducial(s)

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  • Twin lanes on 8mm tape size
  • Single lane on =>12mm
  • Electronically variable pitch
  • The 'original' intelligent feeder


Manufacturer: Europlacer (France)

Machine Model: All from EP series through Access 4, Progress 6, Finesse, Vitesse, Xpress, Inneo 1 & 2

Date of Manufacture: from 1995

Production Hours: Unknown, cleaned and tested to index repeatedly


E111694: Intelligent Tape Feeder 8mm (Double) 180mm reels - Max pocket depth 6mm
E111695: Intelligent Tape Feeder 8mm (Double) 330mm reels - Max pocket depth 6mm


E111696: Intelligent Tape Feeder 12mm (Single) - Max pocket depth 9mm
E111697: Intelligent Tape Feeder 16mm (Single) - Max pocket depth 9mm
E111698: Intelligent Tape Feeder 24mm (Single Lane) - Max pocket depth 9mm

E111699: Intelligent Tape Feeder 32mm (Single) - Max pocket depth 12mm
E111700: Intelligent Tape Feeder 44mm (Single) - Max pocket depth 12mm
E111701: Intelligent Tape Feeder 56mm (Single) - Max pocket depth 12mm
E111957: Intelligent Tape Feeder 72mm (Single) - Max pocket depth tba


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